Adding Questions to RecruiterBox Job Openings


It’s really easy to create a job posting using RecruiterBox. One of its best features is the granular control companies have over the data requested from applicants. Follow the steps below to add or edit questions in your applications.

Step 1:
Navigate to the Openings tab at the top of the page.

From your selected job opening, click on the right navigation, Customize the Application Form, to open the question pane.

Step 2:
Review the default questions.You can edit the existing questions or add new ones to customize your application.


Step 3:
Click on the Add a Question button.

From the popup, you can choose to select a predefined question from the dropdown or you can create your own custom question.

To create your own question, enter a title for the question. Next, select and answer type from the last dropdown list. Options include everything from single line text to upload a file.
Finally, select the appropriate checkbox to make the question private, required, or hidden from view.


Step 4:
Click Save. Review your added question in the list. Add questions to your heart’s content, and watch the applications roll in – with the information your company needs.